Yacht Registration Abroad

During yacht registration in a foreign jurisdiction Rabomizo ensures not only registration itself, but also holds regular consultations with clients on a wide range of issues, including the choice of appropriate jurisdiction, procedure of registration and its subsequent annual renewal.

Also according to agreements with the client, Rabomizo assumes all the formalities associated with the presence of the yacht under a foreign flag since its registration.

As a rule, we make registration of yachts in the following foreign jurisdictions:

In countries of the European Union:

In countries of the 1st category of Red Ensign Group:


In other popular jurisdiction as


At the request of the client, we can ensure registration of the yacht in any other jurisdiction not listed above.

Yacht registration includes the following main steps:

1. Preliminary consultations and approval of the basic issues

1.1. We find out characteristics of the yacht, the area (-s) of the future navigation (location) and its intended use (for private or commercial purposes).

1.2. Choice of jurisdiction taking into account some factors.

1.3. Discuss issues in relation to person who can be registered as a shipowner of the yacht in specific jurisdiction.

1.4. Choose, check and reserve, if it is possible, the name of the yacht in an appropriate jurisdiction.

2. Preparation of documents for registration

Package of documents for registration of the yacht includes, primarily, the following:

The list of documents is not exhaustive and depends on the characteristics of the yacht, its intended use and jurisdiction.

3. Submission of the documents to the registry

Usually this procedure takes from 1 to 3 days, and permanent registration for up to 2 years may be preceded by a temporary registration for a period of 6 months.

In the future after registration it is necessary not to forget to renew the registration of the yacht annually by paying annual instalments.

Registration procedure and its expenses vary depending on the jurisdiction. We do not use "templates" during registration of the yacht and always strive to minimize the cost of using different combinations depending on the jurisdiction, characteristics of the yacht and clients wishes. Therefore, in case you are interested in registration of your yacht, please contact us for more information.