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Ukraine terminates international agreements with the Russian Federation on fishing in the Sea of Azov

In October 2022 the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, by its letters of 11.10.2022 No. 72/14-612/1-80271 and of 27.10.2022 No. 72/14-612/1-86605, among other things, informed about the termination of contractual relations with the Russian Federation on fisheries in the Sea of Azov due to the termination of the following agreements:

  • The Agreement between the State Committee of Ukraine for Fisheries and Fish Industry and the Committee of the Russian Federation for Fisheries on fisheries in the Sea of Azov, which was concluded on 14 September 1993, terminated on 7 October 2022, and
  • The Agreement between the Government of Ukraine and the Government of the Russian Federation on cooperation in the field of fisheries concluded on 24 September 1992, will terminate on 24 September 2027.

The purpose of these agreements was the use of the living resources of the Azov Sea basin, including the conservation, restoration of stocks and fishing of anadromous fish species in the Azov Sea.

It is possible that agreements with the Russian Federation on navigation in the Azov Sea and the Kerch Strait will also be terminated in the near future.

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