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We would like to draw your attention that the Website visit and Information usage are regulated by the terms set forth below (hereinafter referred to as the Terms):


Herein the terms provided below are used with the capital letter having the following meanings:

  • Website is an Internet resource located at;
  • User is any person visiting and viewing the Website and/or using the Information of the Website;
  • Information is any information, including news, publications, documents posted on the Website;
  • Subscription Form is posted on the Website that can be filled in and sent by the User to the law firm RABOMIZO to get the Information to their e-mail address;
  • Feedback Form is posted on the Website that can be filled in by the User and sent to the law firm RABOMIZO with some inquiry or comment.


RABOMIZO is entitled upon its own will and without any prior notice to the Users of the Website to:

  • post any required Information on the Website;
  • delete the Website, its parts, the Information in full or partially;
  • change the Website Terms of Use;
  • limit the Website access to some Users;
  • perform other required actions.


RABOMIZO tends to meet the needs of the existing and potential clients and publishes on the Website the Information that can be useful to the clients without official legal advice from our lawyers.

Meanwhile, the Information on the Website is posted for examination and cannot be regarded as an official position or legal advice of RABOMIZO or its employees.

RABOMIZO is not liable for any damage caused by the use of the Website and/or Information posted on the Website.

In this regard the very User using the Website and Information posted on the Website recognizes and agrees that the law firm RABOMIZO shall not be held liable before the User or third persons for any damage related, directly or indirectly, to the use of the Website and Information.

Personal data

Personal Data in the present Terms means a family name, name, patronymic, e-mail address, phone number and other Users information reported to RABOMIZO through the Feedback Form and/or Subscription Form or in correspondence with RABOMIZO.

Personal Data Protection is regulated by the Law of Ukraine On Protection of Personal Data dated 1 June 2010 #2297-VI and other regulatory instruments of Ukraine.

RABOMIZO is the owner of the personal database of the subscribers and those persons who applied to us using the Feedback Form.

The User when using the Feedback Form and/or Subscription Form, even when providing the Personal Data in correspondence, gives its consent to the collection, storage and use of the data by RABOMIZO for internal use and establishing the feedback system.


This website is the property of the law firm RABOMIZO.

Unless otherwise stated on the Website, the Information posted on the Website is the property of RABOMIZO and the Information can be reproduced, used or transmitted in full and/or partially by any devices or means upon the written consent of RABOMIZO only and with the reference to the source.

The present provision is not applied to the case when the Website and Information are used for personal purposes.

To get such consent or in case of any additional questions, please, contact us via .

If in the process of viewing the Website you have got some comments and/or wishes regarding the Website and the Information posted on it, we shall be much appreciated if you send them to or using the Feedback Form.