Registration in the State Ship Registry of Ukraine

Ukrmorrechinspektsiya maintains the State Ship Registry of Ukraine. At the same time, the Registry of Fishing Vessels, which is a part of the State Ship Registry of Ukraine, is maintained by Derzhrybagenstvo.

Harbor masters of sea ports shall only register

Registration of inland water vessels in the State Ship Registry of Ukraine shall be carried out by Ukrmorrichinspektsiya.

In the State Ship Registry of Ukraine the following vessels shall be registered:

Documents required for registration:

  1. application;
  2. enquiry;
  3. a copy of a document confirming the ship ownership;
  4. a copy of a tonnage certificate;
  5. a copy of a seaworthiness certificate or documents to prove carrying out of technical inspection of the vessel, samples of which for sea-going vessels shall be approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure, and for fishing vessels - by Derzhrybagenstvo;
  6. a copy of the passenger certificate (for passenger ships);
  7. a copy of the Minimum Safe Manning Certificate;
  8. a copy of an insurance policy or other document indicating the terms and conditions of ensuring of shipowners' civil liability for oil pollution damage according to international treaties (agreements) to which the Ukraine has acceded to;
  9. a provisional certificate of the right to fly the state flag of Ukraine, if it is issued;
  10. documents confirming the presence or absence of encumbrances;
  11. a copy of the document confirming the identity of the owner and his nationality (if vessel is owned by natural person);
  12. a document attesting of exclusion of the ship from the previous registry by the registration authority (if a ship has been previously registered).

Moreover, the documented information on type of a ship, the presence of her identifying features and photographs of the vessel (port and starboard views) shall be submitted additionally.

For registration of a fishing vessel, except documents mentioned above, the following information shall be submitted additionally: documented information about the type of ship and a daily power of production equipment, photographs of the vessel (port and starboard views), and information about the previous owner.

Copies of the documents shall be certified by a notary at the place of vessel registration or by authorities that have carried out their execution and release.

After registration shipowner shall receive the following documents:

The ship gets the right to fly the national flag of Ukraine after her registration and obtaining necessary documents.