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Aviation & Airports

RABOMIZO lawyers pay separate and special attention to rendering legal services in the field of aviation.

They are highly experienced in providing legal consulting services in the aviation industry and carriages by air.

They took part in case hearings where airlines, insurance companies, airports, aircraft, and repair plants were parties to the cases.

In 2018, according to the results of an independent survey of the Yurydychna Gazeta, RABOMIZO was recognized as one of the leaders in the field of Transport Law (Aviation) in Ukraine.

RABOMIZO renders the following key legal services in this area of practice:

  • legal advice on the application of national legislation and international treaties in Ukraine;
  • consulting on sale, purchase, and lease of aircraft with the preparation of an appropriate legal opinion on issues, related to these agreements;
  • legal support on the conclusion of different aviation agreements (carriage of goods, interline and code-sharing agreements, standard ground handling agreements (SGHA), insurance agreements, etc.);
  • advice on issues related to aviation activity in Ukraine (licensing of transportation, mandatory aviation insurance, certification, etc.);
  • aircraft registration in Ukraine and abroad;
  • settlement of insurance events, including those related to aviation accidents;
  • legal support concerning the investigation of aviation accidents;
  • consulting on legal issues related to liability of air carrier;
  • dispute resolution in the field of aviation.


List of conventions, ratified by Ukraine in the field of aviation, can be found here.