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The list of international sponsors of the war in Ukraine continues to grow

In Ukraine, with the support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the NACP, a list of international sponsors of the war in Ukraine was created in 2022 and is being updated.

The list already includes 19 companies, including the Austrian bank Raiffeisen Bank International, international companies Auchan, Metro AG, Procter & Gamble (P&G), Mondi Group, Leroy Merlin, Liberian International Ship and Corporate Registry, Dynacom Tankers Management, Delta Tankers, Thenamaris Ships Management, TMS Tankers, Minerva Marine and others. More complete and up-to-date information is available on the NACP website in the section "War & Sanctions".

It should be noted that the creation and maintenance of this list is not regulated by the national legislation of Ukraine. The inclusion of a company or individual in the list is not identical to the inclusion of such a person in the sanctions list following the Law of Ukraine "On Sanctions" and does not entail the same legal consequences as for a sanctioned person: for example, blocking of assets, restriction of trade operations, recovery of assets for the state revenue, etc. All these companies can continue to operate in Ukraine and with Ukrainian residents without any legal consequences.

However, the inclusion of companies in this list may negatively impact their reputation: they may be perceived as enemies of peace and security, which may lead to a loss of trust and support from the public and their counterparties and customers.

On the other hand, the companies included in this list may be included in the World-Check database of the London Stock Exchange Group. This database provides information about individuals and companies associated with terrorist financing, money fraud, corruption, criminal activity and other criminal acts. World-Check provides companies worldwide with the means to verify customers and counterparties, which helps avoid risks and ensure compliance with international financial security standards..

 The inclusion of a company in the World-Check list may result in some negative consequences, including (1) even greater reputational and financial losses with corresponding losses and losses of customers, as the company may be excluded from the list of trusted suppliers and customers in various countries and regions; (2) additional inspections by regulatory authorities in various countries with corresponding additional costs for compliance with specific requirements and standards.

In addition, the inclusion of these companies indicates that their activities are being closely monitored by law enforcement agencies, which may result in the extension of economic sanctions to such companies.

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