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2nd Marine & Cargo Insurance Conference in Antwerp, Belgium

On May 8-9, 2019,the 2nd Marine & Cargo Insurance Conference has been held in Antwerp, Belgium.

Denys Rabomizo took part in this conference with a presentation Marine Insurance in Ukraine: Legal Regulation and Practice.

In his presentation, he noted the main milestones of the development of maritime insurance in Ukraine, pointing out that in 1850 four private insurance companies dealt with marine insurance in Odessa and abroad through agents, for instance, in Constantinople and Smyrna. During the Soviet period in Ukraine, the state monopolized the insurance services. As soon as Ukraine gained independence, the insurance market in Ukraine has been opened for private persons and foreign investments.

Further, Denys noted the main issues that concern both the legal regulation of the conclusion and execution of a marine insurance contract, and judicial practice on specific matters.

The representatives of insurance companies, insurance brokers, cargo owners, and shipowners have attended the conference to discuss various aspects and difficulties of marine cargo insurance in current conditions.

Web-site and program of the conference can be found here.