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Managing partner of Rabomizo has taken part in the international conference on marine cargo insurance in Athens, Greece

Rabomizo Denys, the Managing partner of Rabomizo, has taken part in the first international conference Marine Cargo Insurance, which was organized in Athens, Greece, during the international exhibition Posidonia 2018 by Media ompass, Odessa, together with the Ukrainian Maritime Bar Association.

Rabomizo Denys has moderated the first session, which has been dedicated to the cargo insurance in eastern and southern Europe and Russia, resolution of disputes regarding the carriage of goods by sea.

Also, Rabomizo Denys made a presentation on Marine Insurance in Ukraine: regulation, case, and practice. He noted in his report that due to the geographical location of Ukraine and the number of seas and river ports, cargo insurance for the carriage of goods by sea and inland waterways is extremely important for the Ukrainian market. He separately and in detail focused on the legal regulation of insurance in Ukraine, the procedure for concluding and entering into an insurance contract, subrogation, abandonment, and regress. Particular attention has been paid to the insurance of goods under the occupation of the Crimea and detention by the Ukrainian authorities of the vessels, which had previously entered the closed ports of the Crimea.

The second session of the conference has been devoted mainly to practical cases in the field of marine cargo insurance, freight forwarder liability for cargo transportation and future of the cargo insurance market.

Representatives of such companies as GARD, Thomas Cooper LLP, Remedy Law Firm, Havrico Insurance, and others have also made presentations during the conference.

2018 - Athens - Conference