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NB. Ship data list which shall be provided including by means of technical aids on board a ship. June 21, 2013.

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The Ship data list which shall be provided including by means of technical aids on board a ship, approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine accoring to the order No. 191 of March 27, 2013, registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on April 15, 2013, under No. 614/23146 (hereinafter Ship data list), has entered into force on the date of entery into force of the Law of Ukraine On Sea ports of Ukraine, namely June 13, 2013.

According to the Ship data list the ship masters shall ensure transmission, including by means of technical aids on board a ship (Automatic Identification System - AIS), of the following information:

  • name and description of the ship;
  • nationality of ship;
  • MMSI number;
  • IMO vessel number;
  • radio call sign;
  • type of ship;
  • max length, ;
  • max breadth, ;
  • max draft, ;
  • ship's navigational status (underway using engine, at anchor, restricted in ability to maneuver, etc);
  • destination and ETA;type of cargo, hazardous cargo type.

The ships technical aids used to transmit information about the ship (AIS) shall be used in a working order and always switched on, when a ship enters/exits or is in the territorial sea of Ukraine. At the same time, for a period of stay in the port it is allowed to switch off the ship's technical aids.

Accuracy of the information about the ship is subject to verification by

  • office of the harbour master - during registration of a ship calls at port or inspection before granting permission for the ship to leave the port, as well as by
  • marine pilot who navigates a ship.

Marine pilot, in case of finding of non-compliance of ship data, included in the pilot receipt, with actual information, shall fix the violation in the pilot receipt and inform the pilot-operator of the vessel traffic service and the office of the harbor master about such non-compliance.

The Ship data list specifies that bringning of the ship master to responsibility (to pay a penalty) for reporting of inaccurate data on the ship shall be done in accordance with the laws of Ukraine.

This information shall not be considered as a legal advice and is accurate at the date of its publication. Should you require further information, please contact the law firm Rabomizo.