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On 21 September 2012 the Regulations on Navigation and Pilotage of Vessels in the Area of the Vessel Traffic Control Point "Mariupol", which had been adopted by the decree of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine  415 of 25.07.2012 and registered by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on September 3, 2012 under the number 1479/21791 (hereinafter - the "Regulations"), came into effect.

These Regulations are binding upon all legal entities and natural persons who carry out their activities in the area of the vessel traffic control point "Mariupol" (hereinafter - "VTCP"). The boundaries of this area are defined in Section II of the Regulations.

Regulations govern issues related to the organization of traffic in the area of the VTCP, the order of communication and interaction of the VTCP with vessels, navigation of vessels in the area of the VTCP, including in ice conditions; establish the pilotage regulations and more.

Thus, the Regulations provide that 24-hour controllable order of vessel traffic is established in the area of  the VTCP. Any vessel is not able to enter, start a movement, or other maneuvers in the area of the VTCP until communication with the VTCP and receiving its instructions and recommendations.

The application for the vessel to move in the area of VTCP, to receive any services of VTCP or pilotage shall be served to the dispatcher of the port pilotage service by the captain of the vessel directly or through the ship's agent at least 24 hours before the vessel enters the area of the VTCP (if the passage will last less than 24 hours - right after leaving the port), and for vessels proceeding to sea - at least 3 hours before unmooring.

Pilotage regulations establish that pilotage of vessels in the area of VTCP, Mariupol sea port and the Sea of Azov shall be carried out by the state maritime pilots.

At the same pilotage in Mariupol sea port is mandatory for all vessels, except vessels flying the national flag of Ukraine, the captain of which has a license to sail without pilots, and warcrafts, boats and supply vessels of the Maritime Guard of the State Border Service and of the Naval Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Pilotage fee shall be paid in accordance with paragraphs 8.7-8.8 of the Regulations.

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