NB. - The procedure of yachts’ customs clearance.

On 01 June 2012 the resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "Issues of the border crossing of persons, road, water, railway and air transports of carriers and goods transported by them" ¹ 451 dated May 21, 2012 came into effect.

This resolution approved 5 new standard technological schemes, one of which is "The standard technological scheme of the customs clearance of carriers' water transport and goods transported by them at crossing point on the state border".

This technological scheme provides the following procedure for the customs clearance of yachts and other vessels for recreation and sport (hereinafter - the "Yacht").

f the yacht is owned by a non-resident and temporarily brought into the customs territory of Ukraine or by resident of Ukraine and temporarily brought out from the customs territory of Ukraine, she shall be declared using a declaration for temporary admission (temporary export) while providing the master obligation to re-export outside the customs territory of Ukraine (reverse import into the customs territory of Ukraine) of the Yacht.

Declaration form can be downloaded here.

Such a declaration may be submitted to the customs authority in English and / or on the basis of form, translated into English. Also it is allowed to submit more information on separate sheets, which shall be considered as an integral part of the declaration.

The declaration shall be made in triplicate: one copy, issued by officials of control services, remains in the affairs of the customs authority for the control; the second one - with the authority of the state border; and the third one Š shall be given to the master for the filing of the ship. At the request of the committee members the captain shall also provide proof of ownership of the Yacht, and the certificate of the right to fly the flag of the state.

This declaration permits sailing of the Yacht in the territorial sea and internal waters of Ukraine, as well as staying on the wharves, quays and mooring places (with the exception of areas closed for navigation and stay).

Declaration of the goods that in time of moorage are on board and will be exported outside the customs territory of Ukraine shall be done without submission of the cargo custom declaration. Information on such goods shall be specified in the cargo declaration.

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