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Bareboat Charter Registration in Ukraine

Ship, chartered under bareboat charter, upon written request of the charterer can be registered in the State Ship Registry of Ukraine or the Ship Book of Ukraine temporarily for a period not exceeding the term of bareboat charter, if at the time of registration of the vessel, she is not included in the ship registry of another State, or if the ship is registered in the ship registry of another state, but the record about this ship is terminated, that shall be proved by the applicant by means of submission of an appropriate certificate.

If another state allows registration of the vessel in several ship registries, it is possible not to fulfil the requirement on submission of a certificate on termination of a record in the ship registry of this state.

Documents required for bareboat charter registration:

  1. application;
  2. documents required for registration of a vessel in the State Ship Registry of Ukraine or the Ship Book of Ukraine, except for documents confirming the right of ownership;
  3. a copy of the bareboat charter;
  4. a written permission from a ship owner to register the ship;
  5. a written permission from the competent authority of a foreign state to register the ship;
  6. a written permission of the pledgee if the vessel is in pledge.

Copies of the documents shall be certified by a notary at the place of vessel registration or by authorities that have carried out their execution and release.

After registration a charterer shall receive the following documents:

The ship gets the right to fly the national flag of Ukraine after her registration and receiving of a certificate of the right to fly the state flag of Ukraine or ship's letter.